Sorb Oiram Repus,” Stemage’s backwards version of the Super Mario Bros. theme, still has remnants of the original in it. Performed on an electric guitar (or at least a simulated one) the track would easily improve even the worst Mario rip-offs. (We’re looking at you, The Great Giana Sisters.)

“Sirtet,” the Tetris theme played backwards, is easily our favorite track on Stemage’s short Retrogression: Vol. 1 album. But “Tuo Hcnup” (Punch Out) and “Snilbog n’ Stsohg” (Ghosts n’ Goblins) also deserve honorable mentions.

What backwards game themes do you think would work well for Retrogression: Vol. 2? DuckTales? Mega Man? F-Zero? Let us know in the comments.


[Bandcamp - Stemage via Tiny Cartridge]