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Every once in a while we're going to give out things that are hanging around in the office. Today it's three little gargoyles designed for computer users. Actually, they look more like angels. Whatever. They're perfect for the lady with too many cats.

How can I win one of these jolly little imps? Send an email to gizmodobox @ gmail dot com with the subject "GUARD ME" and enclose a story of how your little tech guardian angel saved your hide in some way. Maybe your iPod started grinding and then suddenly repaired itself. Maybe a dead battery miraculously allowed you to call Pizza Hut on a Friday night before konking out. We're going to pick three winners AT RANDOM, because you guys don't know how to play fair with voting, but we'll try to post some of the funniest stories next week. Deadline for emails is midnight, April 18. If you don't have a story to tell, just send an email anyway. I want to get these off my floor.


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