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For those well-heeled folks who just can't seem to shake off the idea of using an analog turntable, Clear Audio offers its Master Reference Turntable, a $19,000 precision instrument handmade in Germany. Let's face it: If it doesn't sound good on this turntable, it doesn't sound good anywhere.

The unit has three separate motors that are synchronized by a special Accurate Power Generator (APG) motor control system, and it sits on six legs that keep it perfectly resonance-free. This baby is called the best turntable on the market by those in the know, and had it been released 30 years ago, that might have actually been saying something.


At $19K, most DJs won't be doing a lot of scratching on this table. But as a piece of precision engineering and mechanical perfection, it s second to none. Just as a design exercise, you can't help but be impressed.

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