Clever Chairs Stack Horizontally So You Don't Need To Lift a Thing

Filling a venue with temporary seating is a time-consuming process—both during setup and take down—since it requires heavy chairs to be unstacked and then stacked again. But the designers at Seoul-based Centimeter Studio realized there was a better way. Their Sleeed chairs slide together and stack horizontally, so a whole row of them can be compressed like a bunch of nesting shopping carts.


Made from a single piece of injected plastic so they're strong and durable, the chairs look a lot comfier than the metal folding bear traps most of us had to endure during high school assemblies. They can even be produced in any Pantone color you want, and when they're all nestled together, they can be tilted up into a vertical stack so they require less room for storage. Genius. [Sleeed via Dezeen]

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