Clickfree Turns iPod Into Auto Backup Solution, Music Piracy Machine

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Clickfree is a company making some interesting and simple USB-based backup products, and their latest Transformer for iPod/iPhone may be the most clever yet.


Their theory is that you have a lot of unused space on your iProduct. You can just connect your iPod to your PC or Mac through their $50 cord, and it will load integrated software to automatically backup selected files.


They promise to only utilize the unused space on the device, leaving all of your music and contacts safe.

The other, not so advertised function, is that the Clickfree allows you to download any MP3s off an iPod to a computer and one-button transfer them into iTunes.

Vista, XP and OS X compatible, the Clickfree is available now, as mentioned above, for $50. [Clickfree via Engadget]

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I see a marketing problem here. If they are trying to sell this to non-tech saavy people, how are these people supposed to know about the "not so advertised" function?

If they are trying to sell to tech saavy people, those people already know about free software that does this with a greater amount of control.

Also, if I am backing things up, I want to know they are backed up. I don't want "maybe backed up if there happened to be enough space on the iPod for that particular file".