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Clone Wars' Baby Jedi Is Marked For Death

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Isn't Ahsoka Tano adorable? Look at those big blue eyes and stripey horns, what a doll. She's the only new major character to be introduced in the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV show, premiering as a movie next month. Clone Wars takes place between Episodes II and III, and of course Ahsoka isn't in Episode III. But even apart from that fact, I've never seen a character so marked for death as this little Togruta. And here's why.


She's Anakin Skywalker's Padawan

In Clone Wars, Master Yoda decides to entrust Ahsoka's Jedi training to Anakin Skywalker, hoping that having a padawan would instill a sense of responsibility in Anakin, which is just a terrible idea. Obviously we all know what happens to Anakin in the end. And if Ahsoka dies in a battle where Anakin blames himself, it'll be just one more brick in the wall of ridiculous anger and fear that Anakin surrounds himself with. It would totally justify Anakin going nuts, and give George Lucas the opportunity to add new scenes to Star Wars Episode III the expanded edition, where Anakin gets drunk and bemoans the loss of his old student before killing everyone at the temple.


Anakin and Ahsoka Get Along

Anakin's happiness = disaster. You saw what happened to Padme and his mother, people around Anakin die horrible deaths often too early. This guy was not meant to be happy, so you should avoid being friendly with him at all costs. Once Anakin takes an interest in a character, that person might as well take a blaster to the head.

She Fights Asajj Ventress

She's 14 and already they have her going up against the big bald baddie of the Clone Wars? Plus they've hyped up Ventress so much she has to kill someone slightly important but disposable. I doubt Count Dooku gets to kill her, because I feel like murdering someone's padawan might be mentioned in Episode III. Ventress kills her, bests Anakin and then gets it from Obi-Wan in the end, I predict.


She's Too Good Looking

Granted, you could make the Ewok argument here (blasters versus sticks, and they still lived!) but look at those big blue eyes? Marked for death for sure. She's too cute, people will be very sad to see her go, it would be "poetic" to take her away, by George Lucas' writing standards.


Lucas Is Still Bummed He Didn't Have The Stones To Kill Han Solo

I know it's a touchy subject but Harrison Ford agrees with me: Han Solo should have given his life for the cause, thus cementing his status as awesome lone wolf bad ass. It would have been heartbreaking but amazing. I'm not saying I hate the ending of Return Of The Jedi, I just think killing Han Solo would have ripped my heart out and made me love Star Wars in a whole new way. Either way, I think the killing of this character could be the only way to make the whole Star Wars saga actually feel more like a real war, with more fallen heroes.


Finally Her Death Is Hinted At Multiple Times

In one pink colored scene in the Clone Wars trailer, it looks like Ahsoka is scrambling for life on a cliff, and you hear her master Anakin call out to her. Did she fall? A broken Anakin surrounded by villains seems to say yes, but this isn't the only time the trailer shows Ahsoka Tano close to death.