Clone Wars' MPAA Rating is WTF-13

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You may think that you knew what to expect from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the upcoming new animated movie from the increasingly-lazy mind of George Lucas - Thrills, spills and slightly awkward looking characters who aren't animated particularly well. But the reason given for the new movie's MPAA rating make it sound a little racier than Star Wars has ever been before.


According to FilmJerk, The Clone Wars will be rated PG for "sci-fi action violence throughout, brief language and momentary smoking." Two thoughts immediately spring to mind:

1. Momentary smoking? In Star Wars? WTF? Who smokes in Star Wars? Is this some weird attempt to balance out Marvel Comics' smoking ban, or Lucas trying to make some lame afterschool special where even Jedis can't beat cancer? Has anyone ever smoked in a Star Wars movie before? Of course, if they're talking about lightsabered corpses smoking in a pile on the ground, then that's okay. I mean, you've got to put these kinds of things in perspective, after all.

2. Brief language? Again, WTF? Don't they have space swearing or something in the Lucasverse instead of our primitive Earthly cursing (Actually, I know the answer to that: Apparently, they do)? What's the world coming to when cartoon Obi Wan Kenobis are going to be running around shouting "fuck you, Christopher Lee!" when jumping into lightsaber battles?

I can't work out if this is a further sign that I am getting old and reactionary, or that Star Wars' quality control is dipping even further into the well that brought us Droids. I do know one thing, though; as soon as we see teenage Boba Fett dealing with his body changing during that special time of life, it's time for an intervention over at Skywalker Ranch.

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Chris Braak

@femto: That was right before the part where the dinosaur managed to rip off only the midriff of Natalie Portman's jumpsuit, right?

And after the part where Saruman tries to get Obi-Wan to help him overthrow Sauron?