Clone Wars' Next Arc Sends Ahsoka Tano Into the Star Wars Underworld

Ahsoka Tano is still on a mission, Jedi or otherwise.
Ahsoka Tano is still on a mission, Jedi or otherwise.
Image: Lucasfilm

The first arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ final season focused on a story of clones and perpetual conflict. But now, the series is getting to perhaps something we’ve all been waiting for: catching up with a certain former Togruta Jedi.


Yes, it’s finally time to reunite with our beloved Ahsoka Tano, as a new trailer for the show’s next story arc teases what came next for her in the immediate moments after she heartbreakingly said goodbye to Anakin on the steps of the Jedi Temple—leaving the order that had cruelly abandoned her in a time of crisis.

“Gone With a Trace,” the next episode of Clone Wars, sees Ahsoka head into the lower levels of Coruscant to refind herself and who she wants to be in a post-Padawan world. Apparently it means hooking up with two sisters, Trace and Rafa, for some suitably seedy Corsuscanti underworld action. It’s one of several concepts we’ve known for a long time would be on the table as part of unfinished plans for Clone Wars, but now it’s being brought to life for this one last season.

Will Ahsoka be able to balance her desire to do what’s right while keeping her status as a former Jedi secret? We’ll find out later this week, when “Gone With a Trace” hits Disney+ on March 20.

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