CloudMagic for Android: Super Fast Search on Super Strong Steroids

Search is king on Android, it is Google's OS after all. But there's a way to make search even better on Android: an app called CloudMagic. It's the fastest way to search through your personal Google juice (Gmail, calendars, etc.) and Twitter tweets.


What does it do?

Think of CloudMagic as a search engine that only searches you. It indexes your Google and Twitter data and then cuts down search speed significantly because it doesn't get bogged down by any network or server delays. It's like if Spotlight (or Quicksilver) for the Mac was available on your Android phone. You can search through your Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts through CloudMagic.


Why do we like it?

Cause it's fast. Like almost Google Instant fast. As you type, results will pop up immediately. And you'll ask yourself, why doesn't search always work like this? Why did it take so long before? And you'll continue exploring life enlightening questions because you've saved so much time searching for stuff with CloudMagic. The app also supports voice searches too.

If you're a heavy Twitter user, you'll find that CloudMagic effectively fixes the mess that Twitter search has become and if you're not, you'll still love it for its Googleness. If CloudMagic adds Facebook and other services, it'll be an indispensable tool for Android. [Androinica]

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Is this kind of like the ios spotlight? As far as i know spotlight is limited to email texts and programs though so this obviously seems more powerful. This isnt meant as a which one is first r better thing, just genuinely curious since i have a 4s and just got an xperia arc s so this would be kickass on it. I find the default search widget a bit tedious, cos everytime i click in the search box, it opens a different window and then i have to start typing. Just seems a bit cumbersome.