CNN Responds To Giz's Pundit-Laptop Baseball-Watching Exposé

Update! After our shocking reveal of exactly what happens on CNN pundits' laptops while Anderson Cooper is blabbing about Sarah Palin (thanks again, Mark), the folks at the world's Most Trusted Name in News have responded. Unable to let such a scandal sit unanswered, on Friday night's 360 Cooper dialed up legal analyst and guilty baseball fan Jeffrey Toobin himself for an explanation. Busted! Gotta love Anderson's tone when mentioning his "friends at Gizmodo." We love you too, dude-if there's anything else we can do to help drive your news cycle, you know where to find us! Toobin, thankfully, handles it like a champ and is now our new favorite television legal analyst.


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Giz: Watching the guys who are watching us.

(Personally I usually have a game of Bullsh*t Bingo going on with coworkers during these "important" meetings.)