Cobalt Blue DS Arriving Next Month, Still Smoking Hot

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Our favorite Japanese pseudo-citizen at Kotaku turns up some insider verbiage on that hot hot black-and-blue sex machine of a DS Lite that Circuit City pre-emptively had up for pre-order. The warehouse just started slapping the clamshells together, which in person, says the source, looks more "purplish blue" and "awesome."


It is, in fact, the same unit as the red-and-black DS Lite. Given that it takes something like two to four weeks after packing to hit shelves, Bashcraft suggests mid-to-late Feb. for D-Day. I so wish I didn't already have a black one, which is already a slab of aesthetic satisfaction. [Kotaku]


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I mean not offense, but I am truly curious why it is that specification are meaningless in the Nintendo-fan mindset. Enthusiasm comes, not from better graphics or faster chipsets, but from changing the color of the device? Ooh's and aah's because it is a pretty color of blue, and strong consideration of getting rid of a current Nintendo gadget to get the same gadget in a new color?

I don't get it. Maybe if I could afford to buy one, I would, but — I can't, so I don't.