Coffee Lid Caddy Proves Even Humble Coffee Lids Are Ripe For Innovation

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Until today I assumed, wrongly, that plastic coffee lids were not a source of inspiration for anyone. I neglected plastic coffee lid designers like Josh Harris. His Coffee Lid Caddy is actually pretty ingenious.

Rather than remember what his coworkers want, he can place the coffee accessories onto the tops of their coffee cups and everyone will be able to customize their own drinks to their liking. - Josh Harris

Sure, the design creates even more waste during a time when being green is the responsible thing to do, but this is coffee we're talking about here. If people don't get it in huge quantities, and to their liking around my office during the week, they begin the whole Saying Things You Can't Take Back tomfoolery with coworkers. In this economy, we just can't have that. Give them their caddies, I say. [Toxel]