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As a lazy writer who is occasionally forced to interview an actual person, I still haven't found the perfect solution to transcribing phone interviews without doing it myself. But a service called Cogi looks promising.

For $30/month you can record all of your calls through the Cogi website or a dial-in number—up to 1000 minutes a month. These calls can be pulled up at any time in the future, and you can bookmark important points of the call along the way for quick review.


But where the service gets really cool is that you can have 15 of these bookmarks transcribed for you (unfortunately, only in 30 second chunks). Subscribers can actually have up to 30 minutes of transcription service a month parceled how they'd like. Each additional minute costs $.99.

Apparently the system uses voice-to-text software along with some level of human quality control assurance.


We figure Cogi could be pretty great or a bit mediocre, but they are offering free one-month trials so you can try before you buy. [Cogi]

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