While a slew of hotels feature sad, generic video game controllers ready to play whatever crappy IP-streaming games the chain may offer, many Japanese hotels were once stocked with these coin-op Famicom (NES) systems. A 100 yen coin would buy you 10-15 minutes of play, which is a pretty great deal compared to the mini bar or, uhh, "video on demand" services. To check out the Super Famicom (SNES), hit the jump.


With the more advanced Super Famicom, players only scored 5 minutes for 100 yen—or not quite long enough to meet Yoshi in Super Mario World. So the next time we stay at the Four Seasons, the concierge can anticipate our request (a coin-op SNES with an unlimited stack of quarters...along with our standard hooker suspended in a giant mold of green Jello). [Business Use Home Consoles via Kotaku]