Coke Machine Hack - Free Coke for Eternal Damnation

Here's a nice hack for how to get 2 for 1 Cokes out of a certain model vending machine. Gizmodo is not a proponent of stealing soft drinks, of course, but the hack is so simple that we are amazed no one in quality control caught it. Also: notice how well spoken the thief is - he's probably a bright, doctoral student in his other life. Oh, how the prospects of free Coke can corrupt even the most promising among us.


[via techblog]

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I just want to say please do NOT do this. Apparently a number of folks at my university found out about the hack. Now nearly every time I go to the vending machine there are already drinks on the conveyer. This means that when I make my selection I get the next drink on the conveyer and not the one I want. In other words the vending machine is rendered useless thanks to some dishonest people...