ColdHeat Freestyle Glue Gun Reviewed (Verdict: DIYtastic)

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Having spent many a day back in grad school agonizing over our burned fingers because we were too dumb to learn how to hold the soldering tool properly, we thought ColdHeat's quick to heat, quick to cool Soldering Tool was a great idea when it came out, even if it was two years too late to spare us our injuries. OhGizmo's Andrew Liszewski recently took their new Cordless Glue Gun out for a spin and says:

While you may think being battery dependent would hinder the Freestyle's performance that's definitely not the case. In fact ColdHeat has managed to make a cordless glue gun that actually performs better than any of the corded versions I've used in the past. When fully charged I've found the heatup time to be less than a minute and battery life to be more than adequate for any project. The insulated tip and lower voltage of the Freestyle also makes it a lot safer to use than a corded version.


The ColdHeat Freestyle Glue Gun is currently available at the special introductory price of $29.95, ten dollars off the MSRP. If your mom's the crafty sort, this would make a useful and therefore thoughtful Mother's Day present next month.

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