Coldplay Flogging off Old, Unwanted Studio Equipment, but Gwyneth Stays

Coldplay, purveyors of middle-class mundanity to the eardrums of the worthy*, are having a garage sale at their studio. So, anyone who wants to pick up a gadget with Korg, Roland, Linn, Pearl, Hafler or Yamaha written on it, and which emanates a musical version of "Pew Pew," then head off to eBay, 'cause that's where you'll find it. Oh, and proof that Chris Martin is a very funny man indeed, after the jump.

*At this point, I would like to out myself as a music fan whose taste runs to GWAR, the Tygers of Pan-Tang, Yanni, Tony Orlando and the Singing Nun. I thangyew. [eBay via Music Thing]


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