Color Phasing Light Speakers Keep the Party Moving

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School has started for most kids around the country and the need to trick out a dorm room is an ever-present obsession, which is why these color phase changing speakers are so great. They're able to produce up to 200 color combinations and because their LEDs aren't total pieces of junk, the lights even look good during the day. The speakers themselves are rated at five watts, which isn't bad, especially considering that they're mainly gimmick speakers.

There's three different light flashing modes, "snake," "waterfall," and "random," all of which respond and flash according to the music being played. These are pretty much perfect for kids and their crazy trance raves. Not that I'd know anything about that.


The color phasing light speakers can be plugged into any audio source with a line-out and retail for just under $90. Bring your own glow sticks.

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