Colorado Won't Be Issuing Drone Hunting Permits, After All

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Sorry, Coloradans. Despite the national press attention and evident demand, the measure to introduce drone hunting permits in the tiny town of Deer Trail has been rejected by voters. It wasn't even close.


All things told, 181 out of Deer Trail's 348 resident cast a ballot on Tuesday, 73 percent of whom were against the drone hunting permit. It probably didn't help that the federal government said it's illegal to shoot down drones. Then again, putting the drone hunting measure on the ballot was always meant to be a protest against government surveillance, its backers say, and not an actual proposition.

Well, a protest is a good way to get the word out, but it's also a good way to alienate voters, apparently: Deer Trail residents also voted Mayor Frank Fields out of office on Tuesday, locals say. Why? Because he supported the drone hunting permits.


All that, and the NSA's still spying on everyone. Well, at least you can still smoke pot legally in Deer Trail. You can get high, but you can't shoot down UFOs. America's getting weird, man. [Denver Post]

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