Color's Already Working On Making Their App Less-Shit

Everyone's bemoaning the fact that Color only works with those within 150 feet of you—and as it's such a new app, that's next to no-one. Never fear though, because on day two of the app being available, they're working on making it less "lonely." Two important changes are going to feature in the next update—namely, the distance will change for someone's photos to pop up on yours (it'll be a smaller distance in denser areas), and you won't be able to use the app if no-one's within that area. Locked out, dude. [Mashable]


Hearthatvoiceagain hates the new layout

Given the controversy that greeted your last post Kat, I would have thought you would have worded this better.As has been pointed out this was Giz's App of the day yesterday and now it's "shit" ?

WTF is happening to Giz?