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Comcast Appears to Be Injecting Browser Pop-Ups to Upsell Crappy Modem Deals

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Comcast sneakily injecting pop-up ads into user’s browsers is one of the company’s older and shitter tactics. But using those unsolicited ads to push a modem you don’t need, paid for by a system that’s a hilarious ripoff? That’s just downright sleazy.

According to a report from Consumerist, Comcast targeted one particular user with letters, phone calls, and finally pop-up adverts for an upgraded modem, following changes to Comcast’s services in the area. The pop-ups claimed that the victim was missing out on a superior internet service thanks to his choice of modem:


Image credit: Consumerist

When the user (a software developer) called Comcast to ask what particular XFINITY benefits he was missing out on, the rep gave the run-around and couldn’t highlight anything specific.


Even if there are some benefits to a newer modem—more frequent software updates, or longer-term compatability down the line—injecting unsolicited code into user’s browsers has never proven to be a good idea. Worse, there isn’t any way on Comcast’s end to disable them.

Luckily, there are some simple technological workarounds for users: forcing your browser to use HTTPS with an extension (something that will make your browsing more secure anyhow) should prevent Comcast from getting its teeth into your webpages.