Comcast May Have Enrolled Thousands in a Near-Worthless Protection Program Without Their Consent 

Comcast has been embroiled in a legal battle since 2016 regarding potentially deceptive business practices surrounding its “Service Protection Plan”—a $6 a month program which covered almost nothing. But as an amended complaint recently filed by the Washington state attorney general alleges, Comcast didn’t just dupe…


Comcast Changed Its Net Neutrality Pledge the Day After the FCC Moved to Kill the Open Web [UPDATED]

Net neutrality protections have not yet been repealed, but it seems that ISPs are already taking their sheep costumes off to reveal the wolves beneath. In a move that will make everyone say, “of course they did,” it seems that Comcast deleted its pledge to protect the open internet the day after the FCC announced its…


Comcast Isn't Allowed to Say It Has 'America's Fastest Internet' Anymore

Hey, guys, guess what, big newsflash coming right up: Sometimes Comcast doesn’t tell the truth. The National Advertising Review Board (NARB) just ruled that the telecom behemoth can’t prove that it offers “America’s fastest internet” or the “fastest in-home wi-fi.” Because, well, these are not true statements.

Trump Has Lots of Options for Inflicting 'Consequences' on the Press

President Donald Trump’s new press secretary, Sean Spicer, opened his relationship with the White House press corps over the weekend with a flurry of condemnations for the “deliberately false,” “reckless,” and “shameful and wrong” reporting on the president’s first 24 hours in office. “We’re going to hold the press…