Comcast Will Drop 3.9 Million Customers To Merge With TWC

The Comcast-TWC merger is a terrifying prospect, but there's the small chance it might not go through. Comcast is doing everything it can to make sure to minimize that chance though. In a new proposal, it's offered to drop nearly 4 million customers, so long as the merger goes through.

If the merger is approved, then after its completion Comcast will sell 1.4 million newly acquired Time Warner customers directly to Charter Communications, proud owner of 4.4 million customers of its own. The addition 2.5 million customers Comcast-TWC would be shedding—mostly located in the midwest and south—would be spun off into an as-yet-unnamed company, one third of which would be owned by Charter.


All this, of course, is to assuage fears that this merger will turn Comcast into some unholy monstrosity of a cable company with its horrible tendrils secured tightly around the throats of cable subscribers around the country. This deal makes that outcome ever-so-slightly less true, but also more certain than ever. [CNET]

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