Comcast Will "Soon" Bring Skype To Their TV Customers

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Comcast is planning on bringing Skype video chat to customers equipped with the right gear. Although what they plan to offer is looks pretty good, it's still unclear how much this might cost you.

Here's the part of interest in the release:

Here are a few things customers will be able to do through this offering:
· Make and receive Skype video and audio calls, or send instant messages via Skype on a television while watching their favorite TV show at the same time, and accept incoming calls during a TV show with the help of Caller ID.
· Make and receive video and audio calls, or send instant messages via Skype on a compatible mobile phone or tablet.
· Import friends to their address book from their Facebook, Outlook, Gmail and smartphone contact lists, find them on Skype and see when contacts are online and available to talk.
This service will be delivered on the Comcast customer's HDTV through an adaptor box, a high-quality video camera, and a specially designed remote control that enables customers to text on Skype as well as control their television. The other calling party does not need any special equipment beyond what is needed to use Skype.
In addition, customers will be able to access mobile features conveniently through Comcast's Xfinity Mobile app, and continue to enjoy conversations by switching from one compatible device (e.g., smartphone, tablet or television) to another.
Customer trials for this offering will begin in the coming months, and further product details will be made available later this year.


That app connectivity looks particularly fascinating. Now, it would follow that this kind of service, whether it comes bundled with your present plan or not, would cost you something. I guess we'll find that out soon, too. [AllThingsD, Image via Shutterstock]