Illustration for article titled Comcasts New 100Mbps Cable Service Edges Us Closer to Japan-Level Broadband, Sort Of

Comcast just launched a new high-speed 100Mbps cable service in Minneapolis and St. Paul, making it the second provider to offer next-level speeds to a small market for a crazy price.

Yes, now you too can download HD video as fast as someone in Roppongi, provided you live in urban Minnesota and have $370 a month to pony up for the privilege. But really, this isn't meant for normal customers who just check email and hit up MSN News, It's meant for businesses and people who download stuff ALL DAY and it's meant as ammunition for anti-FiOS marketing.


Hell, Optimum Online has been offering up its 101Mbps Ultra package in the Northeast since earlier this year, but it isn't sweeping the area by storm. On the one hand, I certainly appreciate that these ISPs are pushing the limits of broadband. On the other hand, until it's available to more people and for a price somewhat approaching affordable, what's the point? If you're trying to show that you can beat FiOS speeds for more than three times the price, well, nice work. But until the prices are lowered and the tech is proven to work when more than 25 people are using it, I'm not sure what it does for us.

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