Comcast's New X2 Cable Platform Saves Your Shows To the Cloud

The X2 is a big update to Comcast's X1 content platform that lets you save the shows you DVR to the cloud rather than the hard drive.

X2 is a new uniform interface for your cable viewing experience that you see on your TV, computer, or mobile device via Comcast's Xfinity app. It boasts more personalization, better recommendations, and a fully personalized homescreen that includes information from mobile apps, recently recorded DVR content, and so on. You can also pull your social networks or websites onto your TV if you're into that kind of thing. It sounds very similar to what Samsung offers on its SmartTV platform, but the biggest takeaway from Comcast is you don't have to save your DVR'd stuff to a hard drive. You can get it on the cloud. Comcast says the update will roll out later this year. [Comcast]


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