Comedy Central Casts "Ghosts/Aliens" Paranormal Pinheads

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Comedy Central is moving ahead with a series based on Trey Hamburger's paranormal spoof novel Ghosts/Aliens. The network has found two actors to play the bumbling specter-chasers for a TV pilot and possible feature film.

Hamburger's 2008 novel is about a pothead named Trey Hamburger, who, with best pal Mike Stevens, sets out from his small town to expose the truth about the undead and visitors from other worlds. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Sadowski (of the recent Friday the 13th) will play Trey, while Keir O'Donnell (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) will play Mike. Also cast are Rebecca Wisocky as Trey's cougar-y mom Deb Hamburger and Kaylee DeFer (The War at Home) as one of Trey's spook-chasing posse, who is also his possible love interest.


Hamburger's deadpan, inspired silliness ought to make for a pleasantly goofy show, though I don't know how Comedy Central can top the inspired, self-deluded geekiness of the videos author Hamburger has posted on his promotional YouTube channel. For instance: