Comic-Con Sold Out

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Hopefully you weren't planning to make any last-minute plans for next week's San Diego Comic-Con, because for the first time in the show's history, all four days of the show are sold out before the con even begins. You may think that the organizers would be happy about that, but as Comic-Con International's Director of Marketing and Public Relations David Glanzer explains, nothing could be further from the truth.


Glanzer told Newsarama,

I know this goes against most business planning, but we have never looked at this as being a plus. The fact is there are going to be people who want to attend the show who won't be able to and that is a situation, I'm sure, no one wants.

The sell-out (only the second sell-out for the show; the first was last year, and happened during the con itself from people buying tickets at the door) is being attributed to increased pop-cultural awareness of comics and SF, according to Glanzer:

It's a little difficult to remember, or imagine what comics and even science fiction and film appreciation were like in 1972. Few people then realized that comic books were a unique American art form. In regard to film, it wasn't always treated as an art form, and while Congress has established a film registry, it's amazing that the registry was only created a little of 10 years ago.

I think there is a great deal to see and learn at Comic-Con and I think the more people we can expose to this, the better.

The con is contracted to stay in San Diego through 2012, and Comic-Con International are hoping that the San Diego Convention Center's plans to expand their building happen sooner rather than later... Otherwise, they say, plans may be afoot to leave San Diego for larger surroundings.

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@WellsJohnson: Yeah, last year was NUTS. I got in early thanks to press passes, but as soon as the throng rushed in, I was pretty much done. Luckily, I had to attend lots of programs, the floor was never not crowded.

Not going this year, sadly. :(