Comic fans are petitioning to get Wolverine a statue in Edmonton

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Marvel's Death of Wolverine event is in full swing at the moment, and Canada's finest mutant is on the way out (for now) - and Canadian comic book fans are petitioning Edmonton City Hall to erect a memorial to the soon-to-be-fallen hero.


Header Image: Not the planned statue, but a bronze-cast statue from Sideshow Collectibles!

The petition, started by Jesse Seitz, argues that as an Albertan native, Wolverine's place in in pop culture history as an icon of the comic book industry should be recognised in the province's Capital:

To: City Council/Mayor Don Iveson

Please consider the opinions of the citizens who have signed this petition towards the creation of a life sized Wolverine statue to be placed somewhere in this great city of Edmonton to be viewed by all who live here and visit, as Wolverine is a Canadian and Albertan symbol of strength, perseverance in the face of tragedy, and overall heroics.

Wolverine wouldn't be the first Pop culture icon to be immortalised by their home city - Philadelphia has a statue for Rocky, and Detroit is in the process of getting one to recognise Robocop following a successful kickstarter. It's only just beginning, but the petition has already gathered over 1,000 signatures - if you're interested in signing up for it, you can do so at the link below.

[, via Bleeding Cool]

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One question, how tall are they going to make the statue? If they go for 'life sized' ... we're talking, what, 5 foot 3 inches? Not very 'statuesque'.