Illustration for article titled Commodore Invictus Keyboard-Computer Specs Bests the Asus Eee Keyboard

The Commodore Invictus is picking a fight with the Asus Eee Keyboard for supremacy in the PC-in-a-keyboard with a touchscreen-on-the-side category, and with the specs Commodore is listing, it may just win. Well, if it ever releases.


Compare the Commodus Invictus' 1.6Ghz Intel Atom 330 processor, up to 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD, nVIDIA GeoForce 9400, 802.11n, and HDMI out against the Asus Eee Keyboard's Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 16GB or 32GB SSD and the same 802.11n and HDMI out, and it looks like the Invictus squeaks out a victory. The Invictus will also run Windows 7 vs the Eee Keyboard's XP, so there's that. But the Invictus has a resistive touchscreen versus the Eee Keyboard's capacitive. Ew.


The Commodore website doesn't list a release date, so this could be vaporware at its finest, but if and when the Invictus does release, the PC-in-a-keyboard war is so on. [Commodore]

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