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Community's G.I. Joe Tribute Looks Absolutely Spectacular

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy crap, Community's all-animated G.I. Joe episode looks spot on. Check out the first ever images from the episode now.

Entertainment Weekly has all the details on this week's episode, including the absolutely fantastic collection of Joe names each character will be dubbed. Jeff is Wingman, Annie is Tight Ship, Britta is Buzzkill, and Shirley is named Three Kids. Amazing. Here's a shot of Jeff and his winged backpack, hence the name.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Chris McKenna gave a little more insight on the project.

"Like all Community episodes, it takes on a certain style. This one has a very specific story reason for it. I don't want to give too much away, but our characters find themselves on a Wizard of Oz-type journey through the world of G.I. Joe. … There's a mystery that Jeff in particular has to get to the bottom of."


And oh yes, there will be a theme song introduction. "G.I. Jeff" will air April 3rd on NBC. Now taking suggestions for Dean Pelton G.I. Joe names in the comments.

One more image of Shirley over at EW.