Community's sappy space movie tribute had "The Right Stuff"

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Last night, Community served up a spoof of sappy space movies that was just as great as its past tributes to action movies and Goodfellas. Here are our favorite moments.

This week the gang was trapped inside a KFC-sponsored space flight simulator from the 80s. Here's a few of our favorite moments. The top clip is just Troy and Abed doing the usual credit banter, but this time in cardboard environs of the space simulator.


Abed channeling his best Gary Sinise from Apollo 13:

And every ending to every movie ever where the astronauts walk out vindicated from their space ship:

Here's the entire episode of "Basic Rocket Science" on Hulu, including The Right Stuff slow-mo walk. (I know some of you don't get Hulu, and that's why we included our favorite clips). Now please, please, please Community, please do an end of the world disaster-movie spoof.