Complete NeXTcube System for Sale on eBay

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Complete NeXTcube system on eBay: $780 w/ S&H (and climbing).

Owning a rare* artifact of Steve Jobs' failures: priceless.

Sounds like a Dealzmodo to us. [eBay via CrunchGear]

*The system, not his failures.



I'm getting so fucking tired of blind, uninformed Apple-haters. Like Kultur, who somehow feels that selling ONLY a quarter-million iPhones in a 30-hour period marks something as a failure.

Meanwhile, I'm sure he loves the Zune—which took over a year to sell a million units. A number which, based on the 30 hour figures we have, the iPhone could potentially have reached in a week or less.

I fucking hate Windows (and have 10+ years of reasons why) but I don't jump on any thread I can in order to talk shit. And I especially wouldn't if I had no first-hand knowledge of the product or company which I'm bashing.