That Viral Shredded Hurricane Florence Flag Sold For $10,900 on eBay, and I Wish My Battered Spirits Were Worth as Much

Last month, millions of people watched the American flag that flew at the Frying Pan Tower lighthouse about 39 miles off the North Carolina coast, as a livestream showed the flag being pummeled by the 100-mph winds of Hurricane Florence. Now, that symbol of dreams and natural nightmares will live on for a good cause.

A Man Is Auctioning His Facebook Data on eBay, and It's Going Great [Update: Not Anymore]

It’s no secret that the products and services you know and love (or loathe) are all hawking your data to advertisers, making a few billion bucks off all those “free” services provided to you. But when it comes time to pad your pockets, you’re not exactly getting a cut of the profits. So why not turn your data into…

People Are Selling the iMac Pro’s Space Gray Accessories for Obscene Amounts on eBay

Are you having a hard time justifying the cost of Apple’s new $5,000+ iMac Pro? If you’re willing to part with the computer’s matching Space Gray-colored keyboard, mouse, and trackpad, which are only available with the desktop, you could sell them on eBay for obscene amounts and make some of your investment back.

Scalped iPhone X Pre-Orders Are Predictably Going for Huge Premiums on Ebay

Pre-orders for Apple’s wallet-busting, $1,000 iPhone X went live this week, and initial signs were that even those customers who stayed up until the 3am ET (12am PT) opening were given shipping delays placing their orders weeks past the November 3rd launch date—possibly well into December. So it’s not surprising that…