Concept UNIK Phone Could Save Nokia From Its BudgetPhone Woes

In a Nokia-meets-LEGO fashion, French designer Clement Logereau has come up with a brilliant concept called "UNIK," which he's plastered with a Nokia logo to get attention. Look closer and you'll see it's comprised of 152 small, customizable squares.

The idea is that customers will buy the handset, but also buy into a lifestyle—and for a change, one that doesn't revolve around apps. Instead, owners of the UNIK would buy little colored squares made from various materials (metal, rubber and transparent beads are mentioned), which can then be stuck together to form covers for the slinky-looking handset.


It's a fun idea, and it reminds me of being a kid in the schoolyard, trading cards or marbles—though hopefully children wouldn't be trading these UNIK squares. They're a choking hazard, surely. [The Design Blog]

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