ConEdison's Twitter Jockey Is a Hurricane Hero

ConEdison has a PR goddess on its hands: Kate Frasca, the person charged with running the utility's Twitter account and making sure customers don't lose it in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Since the storm hit a week ago, she and a coworker—Amber Sisson—have been tweeting round the clock, rotating on 12-14 hour shifts answering questions and fielding concerns like "Your website says I have power restored when I don't. I tried to re-register my outage but it's not allowing me to. Help!"

"We really aren't taking breaks. We're getting so many questions so quickly and we're really just trying to put everyone at ease and trying to bring some information to them," Frasca told the Huffington Post. "Everyone is so scared and they just want to know what's going on."


In fact, in the wake of Sandy, @ConEdison has tweeted more than it did in July, August, and September combined, and its gone from having just 800 followers to 22,300. Rightfully so—the hurricane left thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers without power for days. And Frasca and Sisson have been tweeting on average once every six minutes to keep people from going nuts in the dark. [HuffingtonPost]

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