Confirmed: Vizio's Beautiful Computers Arrive This Month

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Yesterday we got a tip that a couple of Vizio's gorgeous computers would land on Walmart shelves by the middle of this month. Now we've heard back from Vizio, and the company confirmed that the computers are coming. Sweet!


Here's the comment fresh from Vizio:

We are excited about the official VIZIO PC launch this month. We will be withholding any comments regarding previously unannounced product specs and retail channels until our official launch. At that time, we will be announcing all of the exciting details around these highly anticipated PCs.

Another tipster familiar with the inner workings of the upcoming Walmart/Vizio launch confirmed that an all-in-one PC and a notebook were on their way to the retailer. Based on the official comment, it looks like we should have more details soon.


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Kind of unrelated but has anyone had any experience with Vizio's tablets? I've seen their prices come down quite a bit and the specs don't look too bad for an entry level tablet. Anyone recommend their tablets?