Connecticut City Shuts Down Fountain When it Becomes a Public Latrine

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The city of New London, Connecticut a problem with public urination. The problem is so bad the city has shut down its showcase Whale Tail fountain due to health concerns.

You see, New London is an old whaling city that honored its heritage with a lovely whale-themed fountain. The fountain showered water down on anyone willing to run underneath it on a hot summer day. The town expected the fountain to become a play place for children, but, instead, it turned into a watering hole for vagrants.

According to complaints, a group of unsavory people have been using the Whale Tail to shower and relieve themselves. The urination has gotten so bad that the city has closed the fountain indefinitely. It will keep the Whale Tail closed until they figure out a way to keep the good people in and the bad people out. Maybe they should install some of these hooks nearby and hire this guy to watch the recorded footage..[CT Post]