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The holidays are upon us and that means one thing—we're all home and we can all dig out our old photos and share them with millions of absolute strangers.

Here's what we want: one scanned photo of you looking like the biggest dork in the world at age 10-18. We want too-tight shorts. We want long hair and walking sticks. We want inappropriate trench coats and Battlestar Galactica-themed hairstyles - Wiki Wiki Wiki! An example of what we want appears above. Said photo is of me, News Editor John, with my Hohner. I also have an accordion.


Please send photo—for entry only, please, and please make it a maximum of about 300 pixels on one side—to gizmodobox at with the subject "I WAS A DORK." Aside from being wonderfully cathartic, the best photo will win an EleeNo watch from TokyoFlash, shown below. This sexy and unique timepiece will definitely tell the world that you may have been a dork once and you still feel the material yearnings of a young dork, but you are very well ensconced in the world of cool.

Please submit all photos by Friday, December 16 and we will chose the winner based on our own arbitrary criteria and darts.

Get cracking, fellow dorks!

This image was lost some time after publication.

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