Coonhounding Is Your New Internet Photography Trend

Planking is so over. Breading? Yesterday's news. Sandwiching hasn't really hit mainstream America yet. Now is the time when we, as a people, cry out for a new Internet trend to fill the void. And to that I say: coon-hounding.


Meet Maddie. Maddie is a coon hound. Maddie's travelling companion, Theron Humphrey, puts her on things, and takes photos. He puts the photos on a Web site, Maddie on Things. Maddie is like a reverse-Oolong for the modern era. Maddie has, single-pawedly, created an entirely new genre of photography. And an entirely new Internet trend, of which she may or may not be the only participant.

Is it really a trend if only one person (plus one dog) is doing it? It is if you make it one. Here's how to coon-hound:

First, get a coon hound.

Next, you put your coon hound on something.

Finally, take a photo.

If you are a very good photographer like Humphrey, you can even sell fantastic prints.


Please note: Coon hounding should only be attempted by professionals, such as Maddie. Do not attempt to put your coon hound on an object he or she is not ready for yet. [Maddie On Things via David McCreath]


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