Copilot Live for Motorola Q Reviewed (Verdict: #1 Choice)

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You might be familiar with the CoPilot Live, a $299 software and hardware add-on for mobile PCs that turns that smartphone into a GPS unit. Its tiny GPS receiver communicates with the phone via Bluetooth, and the maps are stored in a flash memory card. Now the CoPilot Live's maker, ALK, has released a special version for the Motorola Q, and Mobility Today has reviewed it. According to reviewer David Ciccone, it looks like ALK has another winner on its hands, with this unit performing quickly and effectively:

This weekend I made 6 trips with numerous different changes in my route to see how the CoPilot reacted. Pleasantly suprised this unit responded quickly and effectively... CoPilot for the Motorola Q is now my #1 choice for navigation.


Get thee hence, ALK! Time for us to try this one out for ourselves.

CoPilot Live for the Motorola Q [Mobility Today]

Product Page [ALK Technologies]

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