Cops Arrest LulzSec and Anon Hackers—And One of Them's Homeless (Updated: Names Named!)

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The tables have turned a bit more! Police claim they've got two more members of the world's foremost celebrity hacker groups, LulzSec and Anonymous, in custody. And one of them was living (and hacking!) homeless in San Francisco.

The FBI hasn't specified which arrest is against which group, but the non-homeless perp is accused of taking part in an attack against Sony, which was a prominent LulzSec affair. So Anonymous has homeless members? Does San Francisco have great public Wi-Fi? At any rate, the Californian arrestee is charged with attacking Santa Cruz County government websites. Fox News reports more warrants are currently being executed in three other states, so more arrests could be impending.

Anonymous' semi-legitimate Twitter spokesman has posted skeptically about—although not denied—the arrests, suggesting there weren't any other LulzSec members left to cuff. [Fox News]


Update: According to the official indictment, the LulzSec suspect in question is Cody "recursion" Kretsinger, of Tempe, AZ.

Update 2: Contrary to the AnonymousIRC tweet above, LulzSec honcho Sabu says there are two members of the collective left.