Cops Bust Guy Selling Oven Door Disguised as HDTV

Illustration for article titled Cops Bust Guy Selling Oven Door Disguised as HDTV

Wow, good try. San Leandro, California police stopped a man after reports he tried to sell an HDTV at a Wal-Mart parking lot. However! It turned out to be a plastic-wrapped glass oven door with Sony and Best Buy stickers.


The man is suspected of trying to charge $100 for what appeared to be a 37-inch flat screen television. He had even stuffed electronic cables and a manual in the back.

San Leandro police Lt. Pete Ballew called it a variation on the old "rocks in a box" scam, in which a box is presented as containing new, expensive electronics for sale but is actually full of rocks.

Most of us would spot the scam a mile away, but it does make you wonder if anyone would fall for it. I certainly know a couple of people (including my Dad) who might. [The Oakland Tribune via Gear Diary via Slashgear]



Buying something from "a guy" in a parking lot for 95% off...if the thing is real, it's hot.

Those who get taken by these schemes pretty much deserved it. We find their ignorance amusing (paraphrasing from Lara Croft: tomb raider) . We feel no sympathy for such fools.