The thing those two happy chappies are demonstrating is yet another high-tech clothes-drying device: the Cord-o-Clip. What makes this gadget whizzy? Well, you know when you go out to hang clothes on your line, and you're juggling with the laundry and a bag of pegs, maybe with a couple jammed between your teeth because you've got no free hands? And then you drop a sock and a T-shirt? Not anymore: cord-o-clip uses a pair of lines on a pulley system that has captive pegs ready to grip onto your clean stuff.


According to the designers it's 60% faster to load this sort of line up, versus conventional pegs, and 90% faster to take them down. You won't lose any pegs, and of course drying your clothes in the fresh air is so much the eco-friendly option. Seems neat to us, but there's no word on availability or pricing. [Cord-o-Clip via Treehugger]