Corgi iCar Speakers For Digital Audio Players

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Respected replica car maker Corgi has come out with the iCar, a tricked out set of speakers that's compatible with digital music players. What puts the "car" in "iCar" is the 1:24 scale model car. In addition to the sporty-looking car above, there's also an Escalade version, so you can pretend to be Jay-Z all over again. Once plugged in, the model jumps and tilts just like all those urban assault vehicles on the road. What's more, you don't really even have to plug in a digital music player: the iCar comes with is own set of tunes that it'll play in lieu of real music. There's enough lights and annoying sound effects to drive any man daffy.

The iCar is available now for and can be found for around $30 online. Corgi's Web site has a video of the iCar in action, so get to it.

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