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Every consumer has a comfort level when it comes to determining which corporations to purchase goods from and which to fundamentally boycott. Following the general rule that killing puppies should equal a boycott may be a tough concept to grasp, so for the socioeconomically and geopolitically obtuse amongst you, James Patten has developed the Corporate Fallout Detector.

On display in February, the device will scan a barcode and quickly generate a geiger-counteresque rapport indicating the amount of corporate malpractice likely involved in its production. The device maintains an index of negativity for each corporation involved in the supply chain of a rather robust number of products. It uses these figures to determine a relative measure of "fallout", based on factors such as pollution, human rights and basic corporate ethics. Ideally, the user can then use the reading to make their purchasing determination. The best part may be its "sensitivity" dial: "Think a sweatshop here or there is okay? Just turn down the sensitivity knob a bit."


Oh, I assure you, I will. More information and a cheesy infomercial are available on the project site.

Project Page [JamesPatten via MAKEBlog]