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Corsair Flash Survivor USB Drives Can Go Through a War Unscathed

Illustration for article titled Corsair Flash Survivor USB Drives Can Go Through a War Unscathed

Corsair rolled out these Flash Survivor USB drives at CeBIT, displaying them in 4GB and 8GB capacities. While these aren't exactly portable like some of the tiny thumbnail-sized flash drives we've seen, these look like they could withstand a direct hit from a nuclear weapon.


Don't take these anywhere near an airport security checkpoint—they look too much like pipe bombs. Pricing and availability weren't announced.


Corsair introduces its new USB stick designs [Hexus]

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One thing I can say about Corsair, really Innovative company, yet their design team needs a makeover, I mean, Come on, is it really necessary to make this Flash drive this "LOUD" looking? look also how they designed the Voyager line. I think they need design tips from Sandisk and their Titanium line.

Great idea on the waterproof, fast flash, "Aircraft" grade metal, but in the same vein, use better designs, Tone it down, make it hip, make it something you won't get stopped in an airport with (A word of caution, even Voyagers can get you stopped at airports. And yes, another thing, design the thing so that you can stack it and not take up too much room.

Am I the only one with these concerns regarding Corsair's otherwise great innovative products?