Corsair XMS XPERT RAM with LED Display

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High-end memory vendor Corsair's newest offering is over the top, but holds a hacky promise that I'm sure people will be exploiting soon enough. Their new XMS XPERT memory modules have a 10-character alphabetical LED display on top (think old school calculators, says ExtremeTech) that by default displays memory speed, voltage, and temperature. But if that's not geeky enough for you, Corair's Memory Dashboard application can send customized messages to the memory, letting you forgo the subtle 'flip the calculator' technique for words like '7734' and '58008' to just write them out (as if the ladies weren't already swooning over your Perspex and neon-lamped gaming rig).

Expect the new RAM chips to ship in Feburary at a $30-$40 price premium.

Modders Now Have The Coolest Memory Upgrade Ever [ExtremeTech]


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