Corsair might only be known for their PC components—memory, SSDs, thumb drives and power supplies—but they're branching into USB audio gaming headsets as well. It's a natural progression, since their customers are gamers that want to optimize their setups.

The price of the HS1 USB headset is quite reasonable: $99. Other competitive headsets, like the Logitech G35 and the Creative Fatal1ty headsets are sitting in the same space, offering 5.1 and a built-in boom mic. The bonus of Corsair's is that they run 50mm drivers, which means they push more air, offering a more well-rounded sound profile, rather than having to, say, sacrifice mid-range in order to have more bass.


I've tried the HS1 compared to some of the competition in the same $99 price point, and Corsair's is definitely the largest and the most comfortable. The memory foam cups encircle your ear generously, and distribute weight equally between the top of the headset and the sides of your head. The others either use a fake leather pad or aren't large enough for my plus-sized head.

A full review and comparison is coming later, but from what I've seen from a day's worth of use, the cans are comfortable and the mic quality sounds great to the people on the other side. These are made for gaming, and even though they sound decent enough for music and phone calls, Corsair knows what people are going to use these for. [Corsair]

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