Cosmo's Sex Position of the Day App to Make Your Sex Life More Uncomfortable

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Cosmo's sex advice always seemed a little suspect to me ever since the time a girl tried to press a cantaloupe up on my grundle mid-coitus*. But hey, maybe I just wasn't adventurous enough for her forward-thinking ways!


Cosmo's new Sex Position of the Day iPhone/Android app is just what it sounds like: a new, questionable sex position every day for you and your partner to try out. Sure, there are probably only a dozen or two legit, reasonable sex positions, but the other 340 are fine too, I'm sure.

Also, how likely do you think this app would have been to be accepted in the App Store if it wasn't from a major publisher? I'm going to go ahead and guess it would have no chance in hell of getting approved. But hey, that's the wonderful App Store approval process for you. Indie developers are always getting Passion Pretzeled. [iTunes Link via MobileCrunch]


*Not true

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Prostate of Grace

The day I start looking to corporations to manage my sex life is the day I have completely lost my soul, identity, self-respect and any desire to be creative for the rest of my human existence.

Fuck you, Cosmo and the Sex in the City mentality you rode in on.